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Stadt Ebersberg Wetter (Startseite)
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The green district town

Ebersberg is situated ca. 30 km in the East of Munich.

The city Ebersberg is placed in an endmorain landscape on the brink of the “Ebersberger Forst”. As a popular place of excursions Ebersberg became the title “Pearl of the Munich East”, which still entitled to today.

Ebersberg is the seat of the local authority for the correspondent district and accommodates also the district hospital. The inhabitants of the city have access to good facilities in culture, social and corporate area.

Ebersberg has a healthy structure of trade, is an attractive position, especially in the middle- class commercial operation and belongs to the region with less unemployment and a relatively high per- capita income. 

Experience and discover Ebersberg

Small and long astablished stores invite you to go shopping in Ebersberg. Additionally there are several discounters to cover the daily demand of the citizen. In June 2013 the new commercial centre between the town centre and the railway station is going to be opened.

Among a multiplicity of shops in various dimensions and smaller shops you will find 270 parking spaces centrally located in two deep basements beside the commercial centre. 

Business location and excellent transport connection

Ebersberg doesn´t have it´s own airport, however the new airport Munich- Erding is close enough to be reached fast but also far enough away to guarantee the quietness of our citizens.

In the very near future all components for modern and also for private interests will be offered. A good transport connection offers the guarantee that all aims regional or national are reachable fast and uncomplicated.

Further information about transport connection you find here…..

Promotion of economic development

The mayor of Ebersberg, Walter Brilmayer gives top priority to the subject promotion of economic development.

The duties and responisbilities of the administration in the field of economic development is to prepare the data, to give background information and to establish contacts.

The town hall Ebersberg is a contact point for inhabitants, foreign business and companies.

The mayor advises in case of questions, concerning the business location Ebersberg for example about free industrial real estates or in the field of commercial property.