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Stadt Ebersberg Wetter (Startseite)
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Indoor swimming

The town of Ebersberg does not only guarantee the supply of water to their citizens but also have an indoor swimming pool at Baldestraße.

The indoor swimming pool Ebersberg is a school swimming pool with public bathing.

It was put into operation in 1974. In the last few years the whole of the swimming pool technology has been upgrated costing severel millions of Euro.

The indoor swimming pool has one swimming pool size 25 x 12,5 m and a children´s swimming pool with 12qm. The swimming pool was constructed as a combination pool, that means with a depth of 1,20m to 3,50m, so that the use of diving platforms is possible.

Open air bath at the Klostersee

The open air bath at the Klostersee is in the middle of Ebersberg at Eberhardstraße.

Monks accumulated water in the Late Middle Ages and a bog lake was developed. The lake gets its water from the Ebrach, a small river which flows through the Egglburger See and across to the other ponds, also applied by the monks.  These collected bodies of water, in former times used for the fish farm became an attraction to the people also because of the public bathing beach and became an attractive swimming lake.

The public bathing beach has beautiful sunbathing areas, sanitary facilities, a playground, several walks, a one and a three metre springboard and a floating island.

From the middle of May to the middle of October the lake is daily open for bathing from 9 o´clock to 21 o´clock. (closing at 22 o´clock)

The entrance for young and old is free!

In the winter months the Klostersee is visited by ice skaters and Bavarian curling players.

Because of limited parking spaces we recommend using bikes or go on foot to the lake. Close to the lake are two restaurants. For out of town visitors it´s possible to go by bus or by S-Bahn. From the railway station it´s a 45 minutes walk, closed to the lake is additionally a busstop for the coaches Nr. 445,446,449 and 4460.