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Stadt Ebersberg Wetter (Startseite)
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Museum Forest and Environment

The focus of this extraordinary museum is to ask and think about the contact with our nature. To supply this learning process is the duty of this museum forest and ambience.

How did the human being use the forest in former times? How did this change our forest, in question or unconscious.

How do we use our forest today and what are the consequences for us and our future?

These and other questions are the central theme of this exciting museum. Web page:


Cross museum

A well worth seeing quantity of graveyard crosses from the 17th, 18th and 19th century and to date, the Ebersberger artist blacksmith and multiple award winner Manfred Bergmeister collected over the years.

Together with his brother German Larasser, also an artist blacksmith he opened in April 2002 the museum, situated in August- Birkmeier-Weg 2 in Ebersberg. Here, nearly 140 of these iron and mostly artfully forged tombs are presented.

Wrought – iron tombs gave distinction to the graveyards of Southern Germany and the area of the Alps over centuries.

In the last two centuries these were displaced by clean polished marmoreal monuments.

A guide through this particular museum is an adventure and is possible. It is only 5 minutes on foot away from the railway station. Further information and the possibility to apply for a guide: Tel.: 08092- 24034 or