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Stadt Ebersberg Wetter (Startseite)
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Around Ebersberg

You can take breathtaking walks through old oak tree avenues and between fragrant apple trees.

The ponds and the wildlife sanctuary Egglburger See invite you to enjoy the nature. The „Ebersberger Forst“, one of the biggest German woodlands offers a variety of walks.

Especially recommandable is a walk to one of the romantic forester´s houses Hubertus, Hohenlindener Sauschütt or Diana with beer gardens to relax in.

One real insiders´tip is the „Antoniweiher“in the forest, where you can catch a glimpse of a ring snake or pikes. Also the natural trail which starts at the woodland restaurants is interesting. Here you can watch the deer, wild pigs and other wild animals behind a safety fence. Further information about the forest and its environment are shown and explained in a special museum at “Ludiwgshöhe”.

It informs the visitors about the Middle Ages and the people who have changed the forest again and again.

Very interesting is the open- air ground with many examples of how to use the forest and the “Natur Erlebnispfad“for children und adults. Here the visitors are allowed to experiment and afterwards you can climb to the look-out beside the museum. When the weather is good there is a breathtaking view across the Alps.